The year 2017-2018 in review at the first Annual Meeting of iREx

On the 11th of April, 2018, members of iREx, as well as invited professors and members of administration of Université de Montréal, collaborators, and journalists attended the first ever Annual Meeting of iREx.

Björn BennekeLoïc AlbertFrédérique BaronAnne BoucherLisa Dang and Ryan Cloutier at the Annual Meeting of iREx. Credits : Étienne Artigau.

During the meeting, iREx members were given the opportunity to highlight some of their accomplishments during the past year : Björn Benneke, a professor at the Université de Montréal as of September 2017, gave a short review of his own research, as well as that of his supervised students. iREx researcher Loïc Albert then discussed the results of a project aiming to detect planetary mass objects isolated in space—without host stars—in the Taurus star-forming region. Frédérique Baron, a doctoral student, followed with a presentation of the results of her PhD thesis: the WEIRD survey (Wide orbit Exoplanet search with InfraRed Direct Imaging). After a short break, PhD candidate Anne Boucher demonstrated a promising technique for detecting exoplanets, made possible by high-resolution spectrographs such as the highly anticipated SPIRou. PhD student Lisa Dang continued with a thrilling presentation of the surprising results she published in January 2018: a hot Jupiter, CoRoT-2b, with winds flowing in the opposite direction than expected. Finally, Ryan Cloutier, another doctoral student, delivered encaptivating insight into the SPIRou Legacy Survey-Planet Search, which will allow the discovery of the Earth-like planets closest to our Solar System.

To learn more about these projects, you can hear the interviews carried by Sylvain Lumbroso and Marie-Eve Naud on the 12th of April with Ryan Cloutier, Lisa Dang and Frédérique Baron.


To conclude the afternoon, the director of the iREx, René Doyon, reviewed the many scientific activities of the institute, and the scientific and EPO coordinator, Marie-Eve Naud, presented a review of the multiple training, education, and outreach activities performed by iREx. To hear about these activities, you can watch Marie-Eve’s presentation, which was recorded in its entirety at the event.

René Doyon reviewing the scientific activies of the institute. Credit : Étienne Artigau.

Marie-Eve Naud at the 2018 Annual Meeting of iREx. Credit : Étienne Artigau