Science Literacy Week 2021

This activity has ended, but you can watch the replay on our YouTube channel.

As part of Science Literacy Week, the Institute for Research on Exoplanets proposes a virtual activity called Venus, Earth and Mars: only one perfect planet for us? for students in the third cycle of primary school (grade 5-6).

This year, the theme of Science Literacy Week is the climate. Our planet Earth has an ideal climate for life, such as humans, cats and bacteria, to flourish. But what about the other planets in our Solar System?

Astrophysicists from the Institute for Research on Exoplanets at the Université de Montréal will take students on a (virtual!) journey through the Solar System, lasting about 30 minutes. They will focus on the planets Venus and Mars, which are rocky like the Earth and yet very different from our planet. They will then answer students’ questions about planets, their climates, the possibility of life on a planet other than Earth, and astronomy in general.

The activity will last a total of 45 minutes. This activity is aimed at students in the third cycle of primary school (grade 5-6), but we welcome students from all age groups.


The event will take place online on September 22th at 1:30pm Eastern Time. To receive the information to be able to connect to the presentation, please register by filling out this form by September 19th, 2021.