Our Trottier Summer Interns 2018

iREx added six new researchers to their ranks in the summer of 2018 as the Trottier summer interns team up with iREx researchers to tackle various projects related to the detection and study of exoplanets throughout the months of May to August. These outstanding undergraduate students have been selected from more than 70 applicants across Canada. To learn more about their projects and backgrounds, view their individual pages below.

– Mariya Krasteva from Concordia University, who worked with René Doyon and researcher Étienne Artigau at Université de Montréal, and Claire Moutou at Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
Emily Pass from Waterloo University, who worked with Nicolas Cowan at McGill
– Caroline Piaulet from Université de Montréal who worked with Björn Benneke at Université de Montréal
– Maryum Sayeed from University of British Colombia, who worked Jason Rowe at Bishop’s University
Jessica Speedie from McMaster University, who worked with David Lafrenière at Université de Montréal
– Thomas Vandal from McGill, who worked with René Doyon and researchers Julien Rameau and Lauren Weiss at Université de Montréal