Our Trottier Summer Interns 2017

iREx will count 6 new researchers this summer. The Trottier summer interns will work from May to August with iREx researchers. These undergraduate students were selected among more than 20 applicants from all over Canada. To learn more about them and what they work on this summer, you can see their pages, below.

Sabrina Côté Maldonado from Université de Montréal, who will work with Julien Rameau and René Doyon at Université de Montréal
Frédéric Genest from McGill, who will work with David Lafrenière at Université de Montréal
Laurent Jacob from Université de Montréal, who will work with Holly Sheets and Nicolas Cowan at McGill
Olivia Lim from Université de Montréal, who will work with Lison Malo et René Doyon at Université de Montréal and Pascal Fouqué, resident astronomer at Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
Merrin Peterson from McGill, who will work with Jason Rowe et Lauren Weiss, at Université de Montréal
Steven Rogowski from University of Calgary,who will work with Björn Benneke at Université de Montréal