Timothy Hallatt

PhD student, McGill University
Tim is pursuing a PhD at McGill University under the supervision of Dr. Eve Lee. The focus of his current work is to address the occurrence rate of giant planets from a theoretical perspective. He aims to use semi-analytic methods to explain key features of this observational result, and to compare competing planet formation models against this data.
Tim received his Honours B.Sc. in Physics from Western University in 2019. For his undergraduate thesis, he worked with Paul Wiegert, writing a pipeline to backtrack interstellar objects which pass through the solar system to assess possible progenitors of these interstellar visitors. This involves tracing the orbits of these objects millions of years backward in time through the galaxy, along with millions of stars in the galactic neighbourhood of the solar system.
Previously, Tim spent a summer at Tübingen University, Germany, as part of Rolf Kuiper’s Emmy Noether Research Group, working on radiation hydrodynamics simulations of accretion processes onto massive stars. Prior to that he spent two summers working as part of the Western Meteor Physics Group at Western University, modelling the moon’s impact on the meteor environment of Earth, as well as building and improving hardware in the field.

Eve Lee


Email : thallatt@physics.mcgill.ca