Tareq Jaouni

2019 iREx Summer Intern and University of Ottawa student

Tareq Jaouni is completing his third year of his Honours Bachelor of Science in Physics-Mathematics and Minor in Computer Science for Scientists at the University of Ottawa.

He finds that his curiosity in Astronomy is piqued by the extraordinary, otherworldly physical phenomena to which the greater universe is host. He first realized his bewitchment with this facet of space when he read about the weather theorized to occur on the surfaces of planets within the solar system, and has since taken interest in characterizing exoplanets – he could only imagine the sort of phenomena which transpires on their surface.

In is spare time, he is a volunteer physics tutor for freshmen students. He hopes that his involvement with the team at iREx over the summer of 2019 will motivate him to further pursue his interests within the field. He bides his time by tutoring freshmen students for charity on various physics concepts.


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