Steven Rogowski

2017 iREx Summer Intern and B.Sc. student, University of Calgary

Steven is in the last year of his undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary where he is majoring in astrophysics. He is the recipient of a Trottier Excellence Grant for the summer of 2017 and is thrilled to be joining iREx this summer. Furthermore, he will be joining Björn Benneke‘s new team at iREx and will commence his graduate studies in the fall to
continue his research from this summer.

He will be working with Professor Benneke this summer on transmission spectra obtained with the HST. Observations of a hot, Saturn-mass exoplanet will be compared to the predictions of atmospheric models and simulations. This analysis will allow for better interpretation of transmission spectra for exoplanets of varying mass, size, and temperature. Such observations allow for atmospheric properties such as metallicity (i.e. composition) and the presence of clouds or hazes to be determined. This research will help pave the way for similar observations with JWST in the coming years.


Björn Benneke