Sarah Thiele

2021 Trottier Summer Intern and B.Sc. student at University of British Columbia

Sarah is a fourth-year BSc. student at the University of British Columbia in the Combined Honours Physics and Astronomy program. Since beginning her degree, she has been involved in a number of different fields of research including white dwarf stars, binary systems, gravitational wave theory and detection, Earth orbital debris and space policy. Her current research interests are focussed on planetary sciences and science communication. Specific topics of interest outside the Solar System include planet formation, detection and instrumentation techniques, the origins and characterization of exoplanetary atmospheres, as well as modelling fluid dynamic processes like atmospheric flows and magnetic field-driven dynamics. With regards to our home planet, Sarah is passionate about sustainability and climate research, and hopes to take skills gained through exoplanet research like atmospheric modelling and utilize them for future Earth-based studies as well. 

In Summer 2021, Sarah will be working under the supervision of Professor Andrew Cumming. This research will focus on constraining the theory behind various physical processes that create the exoplanet population we observe today, such as accretion of planetary envelopes and creating computationally-efficient multidimensional models of atmosphere recycling that changes the rate of these accretion processes. Sarah is excited to take part in this project and engage in iREx’s various inreach and outreach opportunities.

Director: Andrew Cumming