Samantha Lambier

2021 Trottier Summer Intern and B.Sc. student at Western University

Samantha Lambier is an undergraduate student going into her fourth year pursuing an honours specialization in astrophysics at the University of Western Ontario. This summer, she holds an internship with iREx under the supervision of Jonathan Gagné on the construction of a lithium sequence for the stellar population of young associations. Previously, Samantha worked on two projects through an internship with Western Space in the fields of lunar exploration and exoplanet detection. The first project was done in a group of three students and proposed a crewed sample return mission to the lunar farside crater, Tsiolkovskiy. The other used existing data on low mass stars and brown dwarfs to estimate the likelihood of detecting exo-Earths with the future POEP (Photometric Observations of Extrasolar Planets) space telescope. 

Director: Jonathan Gagné