Patrick Horlaville

2021 Summer Intern and B.Sc. student at McGill University

Patrick is a Physics undergraduate student at McGill. Charmed by astrophysics during summer as a confused high schooler, he then convinced himself to pursue a career in this path. From that point on, he started to fully consecrate himself in that quest. Today invested in his community with the Montreal planetarium and with AstroMcGill, the McGill Physics outreach organization, his research experience began in Winter 2021 in the cosmology group of McGill professor Matt Dobbs, where his work focuses on the CHIME telescope daily data validation analysis and the implementation of a new spectrographic sorting tool. Always on the look for new challenges, the internship at iREx this summer with Björn Benneke’s group is promised to be a milestone in his training as a young physicist.

Director: Björn Benneke