Numa Karolinski

2020 Summer Intern and B.Sc. student, McGill University

I am about to complete my final semester in Physics and Computer Science at McGill University; I am double majoring in these topics. I have been enrolled in these two majors so that I can one day be qualified to do research in Physics. Additionally, during my time at McGill, I have been a member and leader of the payload sub-team of the McGill Space Group. As a member of this team, I work on writing code that would control the camera of a small cube-shaped satellite called a Cubesat; I am in charge of giving other payload members assignments and hosting meetings. I am also the webmaster of the group.

I have played a major role in two large projects. During the summer of 2019, for 16 weeks, I took part in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) at the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA) at the University of Toronto. I worked on a project with Dr. Wei Zhu who is a post-doctoral fellow at CITA. For this project I was tasked with identifying black holes within OGLE 3 data; by considering gravitational microlensing events with parallax consistent with zero, I discovered 2 black hole candidates. We hope to publish a paper on the discovery in the near future. For my senior year physics project, I did an honors research thesis with Professor Nicolas Cowan. For this thesis, I worked on solving the inverse problem of reflected exoplanet light curves with analytic solutions. This summer I will continue my work with Prof. Cowan.


Nicolas Cowan