Mathilde Papillon

2019 Trottier Summer Intern and McGill University student
Mathilde hails from Ottawa, Ontario. She is currently completing her undergraduate degree in Honours Physics at McGill University, Montreal. She absolutely loves what she studies and cannot wait to begin her career in astrophysics. This passion was shaped during her high school years, when she had the opportunity to work for non-governmental organisations promoting science amongst Canadian youth, participate in a multitude of STEM competitions and programs like SHAD Valley, and even give a talk at TEDxKanata about the underestimated connection between dance and physics.
More recently, she has had the pleasure of working in a nuclear chemistry lab, as well as a textile friction lab, where she actually had to design and build a snow machine, in the middle of the summer!
Currently, she is a Senior Editor for the McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal, and is helping improve first year physics courses at McGill as a recipient of the Tomlinson Engagement Award for Change.

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