Marylou Fournier-Tondreau

2021 Trottier Summer Intern and B.Sc. student at Université de Montréal

Marylou has just completed a Major in Physics at Université de Montréal. She previously graduated with a Pharmacy degree as well as completed a master’s degree in Advanced Pharmacotherapy. Her research experience has always been the one that she cherished the most, she first worked as a research assistant for the CHUM Pharmacy Department as an undergraduate. After a few years practicing as a pharmacist at CHU Sainte-Justine, she decided to follow her passion for the Universe and to fulfill her love for physics and mathematics. Last summer, she was introduced to research in astrophysics with gravitational lensing by professor Yashar Hezaveh. This internship is her first with iREx and she will be working under the supervision of professor Björn Benneke. With her background, it is only natural that she has a particular interest in astrobiology. Therefore, she would like to study the atmospheres of exoplanets and be a part of the research that investigates the potential for life on Earth-like planets. 

Marylou is deeply concerned by the importance of supporting women in physics. Therefore, she is part of the Diversité Physique committee in the Department of physics and the team within the APS-IDEA network that aims to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in physics. She is also a member of the project Parité sciences as a research assistant.

Director: Björn Benneke