Ryan Cloutier

PhD student, Université de Montréal and University of Torontorcloutier

Ryan’s thesis is focused jointly on the characterization of transiting exoplanets found with NASA’s TESS and the detection of Earth-like exoplanets in the habitable zones of nearby M-dwarfs via the radial velocity method. These efforts are made possible with the hi-resolution, near-infrared spectrograph SPIRou. Exoplanets confirmed and/or detected with SPIRou will provide a unique sample of exoplanets with which to search for atmospheric biosignatures using the next-generation of telescopes and instrumentation (e.g. JWST and TMT).

Ryan is broadly interested in exoplanet observations and population statistics. As an undergraduate student, Ryan worked with a variety of data from stellar photometry to integral field spectroscopy of nearby galaxies, including high-contrast imaging of known planetary systems with NIRC2 on KECK and the Gemini Planet Imager. He is also interested in orbital dynamics pertaining to multi-planet systems and the early dynamical evolution of the solar system.


René Doyon and Kristen Menou

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