Jared Splinter

Master student, McGill University

Jared obtained his bachelor’s degree in Astronomy in 2019 and his Master of Data Science in 2021 both at the University of British Columbia.

He has since decided to return to the world of Astronomy and exoplanet research. His master’s thesis, as supervised by Professor Nicolas Cowan, aims to create an exoplanet survey simulator which could have possible future applications on various instruments and telescopes. Such instruments could include: SPIRou on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT), Near Infra Red Planet Searcher (NIRPS) with ESO and the James Webb Space Telescope. The next part of the research will come using data from guaranteed observation times of various missions to expand on survey simulator capabilities. The project aims to provide either a general framework for multiple use cases or a more specialized application for future exoplanet surveys.


Nicolas Cowan


Courriel : jared.splinter@mail.mcgill.ca