David Berardo

Former MSc student, McGill University

david_berardoDavid completed his undergraduate degree in Honors Physics at McGill university in thespring of 2015, during which he spent a summer as a USRA student working with Ken Regan on the VERITAS telescope. This work involved building a prototype Cherenkov radiation detector to observe muons produced by cosmic rays to act as an additional trigger for the telescope. Following that he completed my MSc also at McGill, working with professor Andrew Cumming on simulating the formation of gas giant planets. The goal of this work was to understand how the conditions present during formation set the properties of a planet post formation, such as its luminosity. Combining direct imaging observations of gas giants with these simulations allows us to better understand how the planet might have formed.

Currently I am a PhD student at MIT, working with professor Ian Crossfield on exoplanet detections. I plan to be heavily involved with the TESS project once the telescope is launched sometime in 2018.

iREx MSc Supervisor

Andrew Cumming


Email: berardo@mit.edu