Claire Guimond

Research Associate with Nicolas Cowan‘s group, formerly MSc student, McGill University

Claire Guimond received her B.Sc. Honours in Earth System Science from McGill University in 2015. In her undergraduate research, supervised by Boswell Wing, she modelled the biogeochemical isotope fractionation of primordial sulfur-breathing life.

In summer 2015, Claire worked under Ian Strachan at McGill as a member of a micrometeorology field team. They collected gas samples from methane- and carbon dioxide-producing vegetation in several peatlands in eastern Quebec, part of a study on carbon exchange in such restored peatlands.

Claire received an NSERC CGS-M to research the climatic evolution of Venus’ atmosphere at the University of Victoria, under Colin Goldblatt. There, she helped develop a radiative-convective model for planetary atmospheres that will be used to study runaway greenhouses. At UVic, she also compiled a database of Rayleigh scattering cross sections for a number of atmospheric gases, the publication of which is in the manuscript stage.

Currently, Claire is working on her M.Sc. in Earth & Planetary Sciences under Nicolas Cowan at McGill, where she looks at how easy it is to directly image giant exoplanets, based on what we know about their mass and period distributions from radial velocity surveys.


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