Neil Cook

Trottier Postdoctoral Fellow, Université de Montréal

Neil finished his PhD at University of Hertfordshire, UK. in August 2016, since which he has been at University of York, Toronto working with Ray Jayawardhana on using Gaia and SuperWASP data to further our knowledge of the very low mass and ultracool members of nearby young moving groups.

His thesis was based around finding ultracool dwarf (brown dwarf and giant exoplanet) companions to M dwarfs, constructing a very large catalogue of M dwarfs and exploiting it to look for unresolved companions using a new, untested approach. He is interested in all things cool (be they M dwarfs, brown dwarfs or especially exoplanets), with a growing interest in the detection of habitable worlds around cool stars. He is a keen coder, so enjoys any and all astrophysical coding problems. He will be working in collaboration with the NIRPS and SPIRou teams, especially with Étienne Artigau, developing pipelines as well as continuing his research into the detection and characterisation of cool objects.

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Telephone : 514-343-6111 x 1663
Office : Complexe des sciences, B-3442