Jason Rowe

Adjunct Professor at Bishop’s University

IMG_5588bJason is an Adjunct Professor at Bishop’s University. His science is primary focused on finding and characterizing extrasolar planets. He previously worked at Université de Montréal as research scientist within the JWST NIRISS team. He is also associated with the SETI Institute, is a participating scientist of NASA’s Kepler Mission and is a Science Team Member of the MOST Mission. He is also member of the Joint Committee on Space Astronomy of CASCA and a CASCA Westar Speaker.
He is the recipient of NASA’s Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal for his contribution as a team member for the Kepler mission (July 2016).

Previous students
  • Olivia Lim (Summer Intern, iREx at UdeM, 2016)
  • Isabel Angelo (Summer Intern, UC Berkeley, 2015)
  • Marina Gemma (Summer Intern, Columbia/REU, 2014)
  • Elisa Quintana (Postdoctoral Researcher SETI, 2011 – 2014)
  • Vera Passegger (MSc, co-supervised, Vienna, Nov 2011 – present)

Phone :
Email: jrowe@ubishops.ca
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Public Outreach