Jake Taylor

Postdoctoral Researcher at Université de Montréal

Jake (he/him) completed his undergraduate degree in Astrophysics from University College London before pursuing his DPhil (PhD) in Atmospheric and Planetary Physics at the University of Oxford. Whilst at Oxford, he was supervised by Prof. Vivien Parmentier, Prof. Patrick Irwin and Prof. Suzanne Aigrain. His thesis focused on understanding and developing new retrieval techniques to best interpret the rich atmospheric observations that we would obtain from future space missions such as JWST.

As a postdoc, he will be further developing his atmospheric retrieval techniques alongside the vibrant group here at iREx. Once JWST has launched and we receive the first data sets, he will be working on the GTO observations obtained with the NEAT program (PI: David Lafrenière).
Outside of academia, he is a huge advocate for LGBT+ rights. More specifically he has been a trustee for the charitable trust Pride in STEM over the period of 2017-2021, this trust acts to support and promote the inclusion of LGBT+ people in STEM.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about exoplanets or LGBT+ rights in STEM!