Nicolas Cowan


Professor, McGill University

Professor Cowan tries to crack hard problems in planetary science by leveraging the diversity of exoplanets. He uses high precision infrared and optical measurements to study the atmospheres and construct maps of these distant worlds. In addition to empirical work on hot Jupiter climate using the Spitzer Space Telescope, he is leading an international team figuring out how next-generation space missions could map the surfaces of terrestrial exoplanets. Prof Cowan is an instigator of the ExoClimes meetings, which (unsurprisingly!) cover most of the scientific areas that interest him. As a member of NASA’s ExoPAG executive committee, he promotes research in exoplanet climate and helps map out the landscape of future exoplanet missions.

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Phone : (514) 398-1967
Office: 3550 rue University, room 206, McGill University