Lan Xi Zhu

2019 iREx Summer Intern and McGill University student

I am an undergraduate student starting my U2 year in Fall 2019 at McGill University. I study Physics & Computer Science and I am interested in astrophysics and particle physics. I did Honours Pure and Applied Science in CEGEP. As one of the requirements of this program, I went to multiple seminars and public lectures during my CEGEP years, including several Public Astro Nights, and I become very interested in astrophysics and scientific research in general.

Since the past Winter 2019 semester, I work with Professor Nicolas Cowan to update an existing WebApp ( developed by Anthony Courchesne. The goal is to extend the greenhouse model used in this App, which currently only consider the absorption of thermal infrared radiation by the atmosphere, to include the interaction between shortwave stellar radiation and the atmosphere.

Directeur de recherche

Nicolas Cowan