FSA 2018 | Workshop/Venue Details


The workshop will be taking place at the Université de Montréal, 2900 boul. Édouard-Montpetit in room M-415. Participants can access this room by entering the Roger-Gaudry pavilion via its main central entrance. Signs will be posted to direct participants to the correct room. The room will be equipped with presentation and teleconferencing capabilities. Please let us know if you have any accessibility requirements.


Remote participation will be enabled through the Zoom videoconferencing software. Remote speakers will be able to share their screens to present their slides, and all remote participants will be able to partake in the discussions using their microphones. Please make sure to download Zoom prior to the workshop to ensure that it is working.

Once you are ready to join the workshop, follow this link.The link posted to join the workshop will always be functional, so participants can leave and rejoin the meeting at their convenience. Remote participants will be able to unmute their microphone to ask questions or participate in the discussions and can have their cameras on or off according to their preference. We ask them to keep their microphones muted while they are not speaking to reduce background noise.


Participants can arrive at the Université de Montréal campus by going to the Université-de-Montréal metro station on the blue line. If you are exiting the metro station turnstiles, turn left to reach the indoor ramp that will take you up the mountain. When you exit the indoor ramp, turn sharp left and you will be in front of the Roger-Gaudry pavilion.

The Roger-Gaudry pavilion is also accessible by car (taxi or Uber) or bike.


Morning coffee with light snacks, one coffee break in the morning and another in the afternoon for each day as well as a boxed lunch will be provided to all on-site participants. The hall next to the meeting room will have tables and chairs set up to accommodate our guests. There will also be a coat rack at the back of these tables. Upon registration, guests were invited to specify if they had any dietary restrictions. If you would like to add or change this information, please contact Nathalie Ouellette at nathalie@astro.umontreal.ca.