FSA 2018 | Speakers


As a reminder, the presentations should be 10 minutes long, with 5 minutes for questions/discussion for a total of 15 minutes. Remote speakers will be able to share their slides using the Zoom interface. In-person speakers should submit their slides to nathalie@astro.umontreal.ca the day before their talk to minimise time lost switching computers. If you are speaking on November 7th, you may also upload your talk to the workshop laptop from a USB drive. Accepted formats are Keynote, PowerPoint and PDF.


  • Julie Bolduc-Duval (Discover the Universe)
  • Robert Content (AAO)
  • Pat Côté (NRC-Herzberg)
  • Nicolas Cowan (McGill University)
  • Olivier Daigle (Nüvü)
  • Lisa Dang (McGill University)
  • Matt Dobbs (McGill University)
  • Sarah Gallagher (Western University, Canadian Space Agency)
  • Luigi Gallo (Saint Mary’s University)
  • Claire Guimond (McGill University)
  • Frédéric Grandmont (ABB)
  • Daryl Haggard (McGill University)
  • Olivier Hernandez (Planétarium de Montréal)
  • Jeremy Heyl (UBC)
  • Doug Johnstone (NRC-Herzberg)
  • David Lafrenière (UdeM)
  • Christian Marois (NRC-Herzberg)
  • Stanimir Metchev (Western)
  • Will Percival (Waterloo)
  • Els Peeters (Western)
  • Duncan Rayner (TSA lobbyist w/ CASCA)
  • Mike Reid (U of Toronto)
  • Jason Rowe (Bishop’s)
  • Chris Willott (U Victoria)