FSA 2018 | Documents


The following are a number of documents that may be of interest to our participants. We suggest reading them before attending the workshop.

Consultations on Canada’s Future in Space: What We Heard, Space Advisory Board (August 2017)

Canadian Space Exploration – Science and Space Health Priorities for Next Decade and Beyond, Canadian Space Agency (2017)


Discussion: Current Directions and Lessons Learned

“LRP2010 and Some Discussion Points” – John Hutchings (NRC-Herzberg)

Discussion: Intro to LRP2020

“LRP2020 Scope & Final Report” – Rob Thacker (Saint Mary’s University)

Session: Key Space Projects

“Colibri: Taking the pulse of black holes and neutron stars” – Jeremy Heyl (UBC)
“CASTOR: The Cosmological Advanced Survey Telescope for Optical and uv Research” – Pat Côté (NRC-Herzberg)
“ULTRASAT: Ultraviolet Transient Astronomy Satellite” – Daryl Haggard (McGill)
“Euclid” – Will Percival (Waterloo)
“SPICA: The Next Great Infrared Space Observatory” – Doug Johnstone (NRC-Herzberg)
“Canadian Contribution for LiteBIRD CMB Polarimeter” – Matt Dobbs (McGill)
“ARIEL: Enabling planetary science across light-years” – Nicolas Cowan (McGill)
“ÉPPÉ: Extrasolar Planet Polarimetry Explorer” – Stanimir Metchev (Western)
“ATLAS Probe for the study of galaxy evolution with 200,000,000 galaxy spectra” – Robert Content (AAO)/Macquarie University)
“X-Ray Astronomy in Canada” – Luigi Gallo (Saint Mary’s University)

Discussion: CSA Science Advisor

“Looking Forward: Planning to Make Things Happen” – Sarah Gallagher (Western/CSA)

Session: Lobbying for Space Science

“The Black Hole of Government: Empowering Astronomers for Stronger Advocacy” – Duncan Rayner (Temple Scott Associates)

Discussion: Sustainable Support for the CSA

“Sustainable Support for the CSA” – Jason Rowe (Bishop’s)

Session: Canadian Space Industry

“Photometric Observations of Extrasolar Planets” – Jason Rowe (Bishop’s)
“A Pale Blue Dot in the Next Decade: A Canadian Perspective” – Christian Marois (NRC-Herzberg)
“Space-Related Activities at Nüvü Caméras” – Olivier Daigle (Nüvü)
“Space Astronomy Activities at ABB” – Frédéric Grandmont (ABB)

Discussion: Canadian Technology Development and Capabilities

“Space Technologies Discussion” – Neil Rowlands (Honeywell)

Session: JWST and the Future

“Big Bang to Biosignatures: the LUVOIR Mission Concept” – Claire Guimond (McGill)
“The Curious Westward Hotspot Offset of CoRoT-2b” – Lisa Dang (McGill)
“JWST NIRISS GTO Program on Transiting Exoplanets Atmosphere Characterization” David Lafrenière (U de Montréal)
“CANUCS: Canadian NIRISS Unbiased Cluster Survey” – Chris Willott (U of Victoria)
“JWST Early Release Science Program: Radiative Feedback from Massive Stars” – Els Peeters (Western)

Discussion: Optimising Canadian Use of JWST

“Optimising Canadian Use of JWST” – René Doyon (U de Montréal)

Session: Outreach and Public Relations

“Helping Teachers with Astronomy and Space” – Julie Bolduc-Duval (Discovery the Universe)
“Outreach and Public Relations” – Olivier Hernandez (Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan de Montréal)

Extended Discussion

“Workshop Summary” – Pauline Barmby (Western University)