Emilie Laflèche

2019 Trottier Summer Intern and McGill University student

Emilie is a first-year Honours Planetary Science student at McGill University. She will be fulfilling her summer iREx internship at McGill under the supervision of Prof. Nicolas Cowan. Her research interests include studying the habitability potential of exoplanets, the dynamics of multiplanetary systems, and the modelling of exoplanet surfaces. Over the course of her studies, she discovered her love of astrobiology and observational astronomy, and has become a youth advocate for space education in her community.

Emilie has been heavily involved in the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada since organizing an event celebrating the solar eclipse in 2017 at John Abbott College, was invited as a guest speaker at the Montreal Space Symposium in 2017 and 2018, and has conducted several youth workshops as part of the McGill Space Group education outreach team.

She is excited to conduct her research project this summer, which will focus on mapping planets in reflected light based on disk-integrated photometry and constructing albedo maps of short-period planets using Kepler data.


Nicolas Cowan