Les conférences de l’iREx – 19 janvier 2016

Sommes-nous seuls dans l’Univers? (L’astrophysique en quête d’autres mondes habités) par François-René Lachapelle de l’Institut de recherche sur les exoplanètes (iREx) Mardi 19 janvier 2016 à 19h au E-310 Pavillon Roger Gaudry de l’Université de Montréal

2016 Trottier Excellence Grants for Summer Interns iREx – Application closed

The applications are now closed. Thanks for your interest.

Disintegrating Asteroid is Raining Dust Onto a White Dwarf Star

Astronomers announced today that they have spotted a large, rocky object disintegrating in its death spiral around a distant white dwarf star. The discovery also confirms a long-standing theory behind the source of white dwarf “pollution”…

Trottier Postdoctoral Fellowship of iREx (2015) – Applications closed

The applications are now closed. Thanks for your interest.

Trottier Foundation donates $1 million towards search for extraterrestrial life

Université de Montréal researchers are determined to be the first to discover life elsewhere in the Universe, a goal backed by a $1 million in research grants donated by the Trottier Foundation. At the new Institute…

Professor in theoretical astrophysics applied to the study of exoplanets (2015) – Applications closed

The applications are now closed. Thanks for your interest.

Hot Jupiters courting baby stars ?

Although first detected 20 years ago, hot Jupiters are still enigmatic bodies. These celestial objects are giant Jupiter-like exoplanets that orbit 20 times closer to their host stars than the Earth does to the Sun. Using…

Astronomers discover “young Jupiter” exoplanet

One of the best ways to learn how our solar system evolved is to look to younger star systems in the early stages of development. Now, a team of astronomers from the Institute of research on…

Astronomers develop breakthrough optical component for detecting exoplanets close to their host stars

Astronomers from Leiden University (the Netherlands) and the University of Arizona (USA) have successfully commissioned a new type of optic that can reveal the image of an exoplanet next to its parent star. The ‘vector Apodizing…

Lyot 2015 : Montreal is the Internationnal Capital City of Exoplanets this summer

On June 22-26 this year, Montreal will host “In the Spirit of Lyot 2015“, an international conference on direct detection and characterization of exoplanets and circumstellar disks.