Caroline Piaulet


PhD student, Université de Montréal

Caroline obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University of Montreal in Fall 2018. During her Bachelor’s, several internships gave her the opportunity to study structures in the winds of massive stars and to implement an artificial neural network in order to process data gathered by the ATLAS experiment at CERN. In the summer of 2018, she completed a summer internship at iREx under the supervision of Björn Benneke during which she developed a new method to constrain the atmospheric temperatures of exoplanets from emission spectra such as those that can be obtained with the James Webb Space Telescope.

Her doctoral thesis, supervised by Björn Benneke, consists in using transit and eclipse spectroscopy data obtained by the Spitzer, Hubble and James Webb space telescopes in order to study the atmospheres of exoplanets having sizes intermediate between that of Earth and Neptune, some of which could be candidates for habitability. These planets are intriguing because they have no equivalent in the solar system, and much remains to be learned about their formation and evolution mechanisms, whose imprint is found in the composition of their atmosphere.

In the summer of 2019, she completed a 3-month research internship at the Center for Space and Habitability in Bern under the supervision of Kevin Heng, during which she implemented a model that will enable to map the temperature and cloud cover of exoplanets bsased on phase curves obtained by the TESS space telescope.


Björn Benneke

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Office: Complexe des sciences, B-4440

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