A very productive summer for the iREx interns

Our 2017 summer interns (from left to right): Laurent Jacob, Steven Rogowski, Frédéric Genest, Sabrina Côté-Maldonado, Merrin Peterson, Laurence Marcotte and Olivia Lim.

The start of the fall semester marks the end of the summer internships. All our interns have made remarkable progress and have obtained interesting results!

To learn more about their projects, what they learned this summer, the biggest challenges they have faced and the accomplishments they have achieved, go to their respective pages, below.

Our Trottier interns:

Sabrina Côté Maldonado, from Université de Montréal, who worked with Julien Rameau and René Doyon at Université de Montréal
Frédéric Genest, from McGill, who worked with David Lafrenière at Université de Montréal
Laurent Jacob, from Université de Montréal, who worked with Holly Sheets and Nicolas Cowan at McGill
Olivia Lim, from Université de Montréal, who worked with Lison Malo and René Doyon at Université de Montréal and Pascal Fouqué, resident astronomer at Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
Merrin Peterson, from McGill, who worked with Jason Rowe and Lauren Weiss, at Université de Montréal
Steven Rogowski, from University of Calgary, who worked with Björn Benneke at Université de Montréal
And our Marie Curie intern:
Laurence Marcotte, starting her undergraduate studies in physics and mathematics at Université de Montréal in fall 2017, who worked with Jason Rowe at Université de Montréal